PG GYMKHANA, Karnatak University, Dharwad              

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The Post Graduate Gymkhana conducts broadly two categories of co-academic activities they are the sports and Cultural events.

Sports activities:

  1. Running events- 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m.

  2. Track events – short put, discus throw, javlin throw, high jump, long jump.

  3. Group events- Kabaddi, Cricket, volley ball, Throw ball.

  4. Indoor games- Settle badminton, Table tannies, teniquite, carom, Chess.

All events for  Male & Female separately conducted.

Cultural activities :

a) Music  Events

  1. Classical vocal solo (hindustani/karnataki)

  2. Classical  instrumental  solo (percussion)

  3. Classical   instrumental   solo (non percussion)

  4. Classical dance

  5. Western vocal solo

  6. Light vocal

  7. Group song (indian)

  8. Group song western

b) Dance events

  1. Folk orchestra

  2. Folk/tribal dance

c) Literary events

  1. Elocution (kannada)

  2. Debate (kannada)

  3. Quiz

  4. Elocution(english/hindis)

  5. Debate(english/hindis)

d) Theatre events.

  1. Skit

  2. Mimie

  3. Mimicry

  4. One act play.

e) Fine arts events

  1. On the spot painting

  2. Clay modelling

  3. Rangoli

  4. Collage

  5. Poster making

  6. Cortooning